How to Study

  1. Its Saturday, which we all know means “uninterrupted day of studying.” You wake up later than you mean to, because you either a) were a gunner and stayed up late on Friday night studying or b) took a mental health evening and stayed up watching Disney movies until 2 AM.  Better make yourself a big cup of coffee to wake yourself up and a good breakfast to fuel your studying.                                                                 anna
  2. Oops! You get distracted watching Saturday morning cartoons while you eat breakfast and an hour goes by. Oh well, better get your notes out and start some intense studying.  But your desk is trashed from constant work during the week.  Honestly, it would be difficult to study under these conditions, so you HAVE to take twenty minutes to tidy up your desk.    cleaning
  3. In the course of cleaning your study area, you trip over the dirty clothes that cover your floor.  That’s a safety hazard–you could have seriously hurt yourself!  It would be irresponsible of you not to pick them up and wash them.  It will only take a few minutes to throw them into the washer.                                        GIF-Doing-laundry
  4. Now that the clothes are in the dryer, you could start studying, but you only have an hour before you have to interrupt your studying again to get the clothes out of the dryer. Besides, you noticed that your shower was getting a little gross.  How could you possibly focus with a dirty shower?                                                         brock
  5. Now that you think about it, the kitchen is still unkempt from breakfast.  And how long has it been since you cleaned your stove top?  That’s unsanitary. Better take care of that quickly.     colbert
  6. Clothes are out of the dryer!  Might as well save yourself some time and fold them now.  And look, you can watch Modern Family reruns while you do!                                                                                                                                       laundry
  7. Now its lunchtime and you’ve worked up an appetite with all that hard work.  You could make a sandwich to eat while you start studying, but you’ve got some hamburger meat that will go bad soon if you don’t use it.  It won’t take that much more time to whip up some lasagna.                                                                           pooh
  8. And the kitchen is messy again.                                                           snowwhite
  9. No more nonsense!  You’ve wasted the morning and now it is time to buckle down.  You get out your computer to access study materials, but while you are there you might as well check your emails.  Also, you should check facebook.  Hey–I know what you are thinking, but this isn’t irresponsible!  Checking the class facebook page could alert you of important things that you need to know about!  But somehow you fall down an internet spiral and end up looking through entire albums of your friends’ pictures.  When did she cut her hair?  Also, everyone you know is having babies–is something wrong with you?                                                                                                                                                       mylife
  10. Ok, pull it together!  You are smart and funny and in medical school–unless you fail out of school because you never got around to studying.  Focus!                          pro1
  11. Hungry again.                                                                                                                                                                                                     food
  12. This is the worst—you’ve been studying for two hours and you’ve barely gotten through two lectures worth of material.  Nothing is sticking.  Better make some coffee so that you can focus.                                              adventuretime
  13. Study break!  But no facebook–you know what happened last time.  Just pop over to youtube for a few minutes and watch a funny video.                                                                                                                                                                   break
  14. 30 minutes of youtube later, you are hungry again because you watched a video listing the thirty best donut flavors.  You are starved, but you don’t want lasagna.  You look in your pantry and realize you have no study food–no wonder you couldn’t focus!  Who could possibly review biochemistry without M&M’s and potato chips?  Better make a snack run.                                                                                              snacks
  15. An hour and $50 later, you are back at home with unhealthy food stuffs, ready to study.  You are going to be so productive, except you started eating Cheetos and get orange stuff all over your fingers.  You don’t want to make a mess, and you don’t want to constantly wash your hands every time you need turn a page, so you wait to start studying until you finish the bag.                                                          cheetos
  16. And now that you have eaten something salty, you want something sweet.  Where did you put those cookies?                                            cookie
  17. No more distractions!  You sit down, blast the study music, and focus on your notes.  Its slow going at first, but the next thing you know you look up at the clock and its midnight and you’ve looked over most of the material you meant to cover today. Good for you!  You are crushing the medical school thing.                                                                                                studying
  18. Time for bed–you want to make sure to get a good night’s sleep so you can do this all again tomorrow!

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